Does Your Marketing Need More Content? Look Into Your Past!

repurpose old content for new content marketing

Does Your Marketing Need More Content? Look Into Your Past!

Again and again, I see the painful statistic saying marketers are challenged to create enough content for to meet the needs of their content marketing strategy. I say painful because it need not be so! Generating content is the easiest part, as long as your content marketing strategy is well done.

For one thing, you aren’t limited to only new content. You can repurpose content instead. And there are plenty of ways to do that, which we’ll talk about in the new few blog posts.

Even before the term “content marketing” was the star of the show, I was talking about repurposing content. Why? Because hiring the best copywriter around isn’t cheap and I wanted clients to get more bang for their marketing buck. I would encourage clients to think of other ways they could re-use the content they were paying me, the freelance copywriter, to produce. So that has been my mindset all along, and maybe that’s why it makes so much sense to me as part of a content marketing strategy too.

You can repurpose just about any kind of content, including old stuff. For example, let’s say you created a whitepaper for lead generation two years ago. Things have changed and the whitepaper isn’t quite up-to-date any longer but most of it is still good stuff. You could update the whitepaper to use it for lead gen again, or you could split it up into chunks of information and use those for blog posts (updating content as necessary). You could use only part of it for email marketing content, say as a newsletter. Or you could do all of the above.

The whitepaper is already written, so you won’t have the cost of a freelance copywriter. You only need to look at that existing content with fresh eyes and figure out how to put that old content to new use.

That’s not content creation; just smart business.

If you have some old content you’re not sure how to re-use, I’d be happy to give you my two cents worth on it from the point of view of a content consultant. Just send it to me at sharon(at)

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