Do I Want to Be the Best Copywriter? Or the Happiest? This Email Made Me Happy!

I received a wonderful gift today. One a non-copywriter might not appreciate, but one worth its weight in gold, for someone like me, a professional copywriter often working alone, struggling to make clients happy, to stay on top of changes like SEO and social media…

Wow. Sounds like I’m having a pity party! But I’m not. I’m having a joyful copywriter day, because I received the following wonderful message from a fellow freelance copywriter:

“I’m a freelance copywriter in my spare time, and have been for 20 years.  For the last few months I’ve been in a rut, feeling generally uninspired and just plain wondering if I’m just any good at this.  Marketing is continually evolving, the social media thing can be overwhelming, clients expect miracles—you’ve been there, I’m sure.   Anyway, stumbling upon your site today I actually felt excited about what I do.  The passion you have for writing jumps off the page.  I used to feel that same passion and thought it had left me.  Now I know for sure it’s still there.”

Some days being a freelance copywriter is really hard. You have to work to find work. You’re often thought of last in the creative process. You’re pigeon-holed and only asked for words, when you know so much more and can add so much more value. You’re asked to do work beneath your abilities. And we freelance copywriters do tend to work alone!

Add all that up, and it can be hard to keep your passion! This email did two things: It reminded me my passion for copywriting is still there, burning strong and lighting my way. And it made me ever so grateful that I was able to reignite that passion in another freelance copywriter.

What a gift this email is! I might not be the best copywriter on the planet, but as long as I’m inspiring others, I might be the happiest. Long live the freelance copywriter!

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