Copywriting is courting: So stop talking about yourself

copywriting is like courting so stop talking about yourselfYou’re courting your potential customers. Do you realize that? They aren’t customers yet. They are prospects. You are talking to them, but they aren’t really listening yet. And they won’t listen until you stop talking about yourself. At least initially.

What is “courting” anyway? We know it as an old-fashioned term, but what does it really mean?

According to Merriam Webster, to court means: “to seek the affections of; especially : to seek to win a pledge of marriage from.”

In our marketing is like dating analogy, remember that “marriage” is the ultimate goal of your marketing: it means a lifelong customer.

And that’s ultimately your goal as the marketer, to woo someone to try your company/product/service once, then again and again and ultimately to become the ultimate customer: fiercely loyal and long-term, if not life-long.

And as a copywriter, your words must woo. You’re not going to go straight to seduction, I hope. But think of it in terms of dating, how your messaging might start out: You start by expressing an interest in HER, not talking about yourself. This is the biggest copywriter mistake I see, where the company is bragging and self-absorbed. All women have met men like that, and it’s a huge turnoff. The turn on is when the guy shows interest in the girl by asking questions, talking to her about things that matter to her. That is an absolute must for copywriters! But most copywriting is the equivalent of the obnoxious self-absorbed guy in the bar. Read through your copywriting. What kind of single guy does it sound like, the self-absorbed one only talking about himself? Uh oh. Fix that!

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