Copywriter vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

This whole Content Marketing thing has admittedly caught me a little off guard. As a freelance copywriter, I work with words every single day. Marketing through content is what I do. It’s my passion, my livelihood.

As a freelance copywriter, at first I thought, “Well, content marketing is what I already do.” But as the articles keep popping up in the email newsletters I read, and eMarketer, and other places, I am trying to sort this out. And here’s what I think…

Yes, as a freelance copywriter, content marketing is what I do. But in a way it’s also what I’ve always wanted to do, and that is to be involved in the strategic planning of the content. I tried making a list of what I would consider copywriting vs. what I would consider content marketing…as a way to sort things out on the We Know Words website. But having two lists was disingenuous. From web content to banner ads to SEO to ghost blogging to writing articles, it’s all copywriting.

But maybe what’s happening here is an evolution. For two years now, I have been the freelance copywriter for a Bay Area company, integrating the ghost blogging, email newsletters and other content. I have from the start tried to tie all together, repurpose content, and link between different channels. And you know what that is? Content marketing.

I can see some distinctions, that I’m working to address at our We Know Words copywriter agency as I type this. If you need to generate 100 blog posts per month for online content marketing, you’re not going to pay a typical freelance copywriter rate for that kind of volume. That’s where I stop thinking of it as copywriting and start thinking of it as content generation.

Ditto if you want to generate weekly articles as web content, or weekly press releases.

Working on that here in our Seattle copywriter office…stay tuned.

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