Copywriter services should focus on being true…even when it stinks

I just met with the founder of PureAyre to coach him on blogging. We met at the Kona Kai coffee shop where I often run into people know, because that’s this copywriter’s home away from home. This morning as I ran into people, I introduced James and literally gushed about their product, an odor eliminator…not because I was trying to impress James, but because I am a true believer in their product.

I’m a freelance copywriter. I get paid to say good things about clients’ products and services. My copywriter services exist solely to get prospects interested in what my clients have to sell. When it comes to a product that really works, like PureAyre, my job is easy on the one hand: The stuff is awesome! And hard on the other: People don’t believe it, they think it’s too good to be true. Even the people I talked to at the coffee shop, you could tell they were dubious. “Why is this Seattle copywriter going on and on about this stuff?” they were wondering.

So it was interesting to get my GiveMore quote of the day:

“Don’t be consistent, but be simply true.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

When your product is truly as good as you say it is, your copywriter can be true to your prospect, to your product and to herself.

Is your product or service so good your copywriter can simply sell by telling the truth? If not, make it so. If so, you rock.

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