Content Is Still King, so Hire the Best Copywriter and Get to Work for SEO

MarketingSherpa just rocks. They put out great reports and summaries in addition to their weekly wisdom. And speaking of wisdom, reading through their recent “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” report prompted quite a few insights for this freelance copywriter. This week, we’ll delve into one per day (since there were a total of five, I figure it was meant to be!)


Today, I gush over what Dean Rieck of Direct Creative had to say. Any comment that starts with “Content is king” is going to speak straight to a freelance copywriter’s heart. But he gives proof, talking about a client that created more than 7,000 pages of blog posts and pages. And got results. As he says, it boosted the website in search engine rankings and it created a large pool of keywords.

Although I’m “just” a copywriter, I keep up with all things marketing…or at least as many as I can. How to increase your search engine rankings via organic SEO is one of those things. It’s not rocket science, but it does take work. As this guy says, in this case, thousands of pages of work. But that’s not hard!

Over and over I am approached by company’s that want to improve their SEO and over and over I tell them to consider blogging…and they do not listen. It’s like me saying I want to lose weight while chowing down on chocolate chip cookies. I have a choice to make. So do they. But blogging takes commitment and they must want a magic bullet instead (which is, I think, why so many companies turn to pay per click instead).
If you want to improve your search engine rankings, add blogging to your marketing mix. Blogging is not hard, nor is it time-consuming! In addition to blogging, your company has ample opportunities to be creating content that can go on your website: press releases, tip sheets, whitepapers, how to guides, FAQs…

Content is king, especially in the world of search. The way to win search is to have great, keyword rich, relevant content. It’s that simple. Hire the best copywriter you can find, and let her get to work creating your content so you can get the rankings you want.

It’s not rocket science, but great content might take your SEO to the moon.

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