Maximize Your Marketing With a Content Consultant

If you’re in marketing, you know words matter and content has value. Every marketing piece you put out into the world, whether an email or an ebook, a website or a whitepaper, must represent your product, your brand, in the best possible way, not just in design but in message too.  As a content consultant, Sharon will make sure your message is spot on and your money well spent.

When you’ve spent over 2 decades immersed in words, content, copywriting and marketing as Sharon has, you learn a thing or two. Or two thousand. Sharon has so much experience, she can take just about any wording you give her and make it better, tighter or stronger. Plus she has an uncanny ability to cut through the clutter to see what others can’t…an invaluable skill when crafting a marketing message!

And her favorite thing to do? Use all this talent and experience to help businesses large and small make better use of their marketing content.

As a content consultant, Sharon can provide all kinds of services, from an hour’s consultation over the phone to something more in-depth like:

  • Assessing your current marketing materials, from the printed pieces to the emails to the website.
  • Giving your marketing team a pep talk that reinvigorates their message and reconnects them to the customer.
  • Coaching your staff on more effective writing.
  • Teaching you or your team to blog, whether for thought leadership or SEO.
  • Helping you craft core messages and positioning statements that hone in on what your customers are really buying…not what you think you’re selling.
  • Developing a plan for re-purposing your content so it gets used more than once. And this means existing content too, like articles long ago written and ever since languishing.
  • Showing you how to tap into employees and customers for content generation that costs you little or nothing.
  • Helping you make the most of your in-house resources, saving you money on the costs of outsourcing.

Content has value. Maximize that value with the help of someone who knows words. Email Sharon today.