Choose GOOD Content Over “Any” Content…Even if Your Budget Is $150/Month

This morning I moderated a panel on SEO and organic search at the eMarketing conference in San Francisco. Content was the over-riding theme of our SEO panel. Which is music to my copywriter and content marketing services ears, right?

There was plenty of talk about Panda too, again, getting us to look at content. Here’s the thing about content and content marketing: You can create all kinds of content, but it must be good content. As the panelists said, the content must educate, entertain and enlighten (the three Es).

After the panel, I checked my email and read the following (with specific company names removed to protect the sender).

“In thinking about blogging, content, link building etc.

“Blogging…awhile back you asked about a budget to get blogging and content going. Budgets are going to be real tight at least until I can start seeing results of some type. But I understand it is going to be a critical part of our success.

“With that said I have tried to go out and pull together some ideas of what is available and at what cost.

“Things I have found are mostly from my current partners or industry resources, organizations I belong to.

“Example 1  ABC case study. They will compile these for free with my complete input  and approvals. However they get the rights to use them at any time for there own purposes. which obviously has some down sides but also gives me direct links to to some very authoritative folks.

“Example 2 Content site from XYZ. This is a content site; they will update monthly with new articles and the like. This is a pay for service for $150 per month. I get complete access to all content I can use as just a link on our site branded to our look or take content and incorporate directly into our site which is probably what I would do. By the way the new site will have a pretty easy to use CMS for just this type of thing.

“Down side it is not my original content. Will we be penalized by the gods of Google? Sounds like we might as this same content will be sold to others.”

I smiled when I read this because of all the discussion about Panda that happened during the panel. Here’s my reply to him:

“I would be a lot less worried about duplicating content and a lot more concerned about offering content of value! Plus you won’t get SEO if you don’t have keywords…

“If someone finds your blog because you’ve repurposed content from somewhere else, you’ve won only one part of the battle: You’ve been found in the search engine. If they click on the search result and end up at your blog, you’ve won the second part: They are at your site. But you’re going to probably lose the third part: They aren’t going to stay. If they go to your site and see content that’s not yours, or that’s crap, what are they going to learn about your company, your brand, your product, your service?

“Plus there’s no guarantee your keywords will be used, so you’re not really going to get any SEO benefit from doing so.

“For $150/month, original blog content can be created. We’ll set you up with a writer for that. If you can pay that money towards blogging creation, plus commit 20 minutes of your day every day to blogging and get the free case studies, you will get better SEO results, and you will have happier site visitors. When they land at your blog, they are going to know that they have come across a real company and a real person…not a company regurgitating what someone else said.

“That’s my opinion. :-) Remember too that any content you create is potential blog content: press releases, case studies, emails to customers even.”

Honestly, $150 per month spent on good content is going to do this small business more good than all the free repurposed content he’s going to grab from other places. Because it’s not just having the content. It’s about havinggood content. Period.

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