Portal Communications Group Gets New Look, New Web Content

It’s always a treat when a web content project goes live! And so I must share… Congrats to Portal Communications Group on their new website! And thank you, Zango Creative, for once again making my web content look so good!!  

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How This Web Content Writer Works

“How does it work?” As a freelance copywriter, I get asked that question a lot, but really only about web content. I guess maybe email copywriting or print work, those things are more straightforward in people’s minds. But web content…now that always means a question about the process. So after writing it up just now for a potential client in need of a freelance copywriter, I thought I should just make it public knowledge! This is my process as a freelance copywriter. Someone else will probably approach your web content in a different way. But this is what you can [...]

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Need New Web Content? Try Talking TO People, not AT Them

I just got off the phone with a potential client looking to redo their website. They have plenty of web content but want some of it rewritten to be less scientific sounding. (They are a research group.) My first and foremost question was, “Who is the target audience?” because if you want it rewritten, I need to know rewritten for whom. There wasn’t an answer to that question yet, so if I get hired as the freelance copywriter for web content job, that will definitely be where we start. Web content should written for the visitor first, the organization second. [...]

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A Plea for Compassionate Copy: Stop Selling Solutions and Start Solving Problems

When I want to get people thinking about better web content, I tell them about selling mattresses… Let’s say a man can’t get a good night’s sleep. He doesn’t know his crappy, decades old mattress is the reason he can’t sleep. He only knows he can’t sleep, and he’s tired all the time. What problem is he trying to solve? The need for a good night’s sleep. And he’s looking for a solution to that problem through medication, meditation, reading dry text books, drinking chamomile tea, listening to Gregorian chant, and all kinds of other ideas. Now let’s say you [...]

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Woo-Worthy Web Content: 18 Ways to Make Your Home Page Sticky, not Sucky

  Hurry, you’ve only got 3 seconds! When you’ve done your job with SEO content and someone lands at your website, you have 3 seconds to get them to stay. Just 3 seconds, because right away they’re deciding if they landed somewhere they want to be or if they want to click Back and try another website. How do you get people to stay at your home page once they land there? You woo with words. No, your web content won’t do all of the work required to get someone to stay at your website, but it will do a [...]

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Web Content: It’s Like Strands of Spaghetti That Together Make a Dinner

Next week I’ll be presenting to a group of marketers and small business owners on the topic of web content. I was asked to present as a freelance copywriter, and admittedly, it’s sometimes hard to think of a topic when it comes to copywriting because really, how technical can you get? As I brainstormed the best way to present relevant yet introductory type information in the most useful way possible, it hit me: It’s not one topic. Well, it is. But not really. It’s more like several branches of one tree. OK, that analogy doesn’t work. Um…it’s like, spaghetti?? Yeah, [...]

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5 Ways to Drive Traffic With Great Website Content

As a content writer, I absolutely love this blog post by AJ Kumar: “20 ways to get more website traffic this year (ethically!)” Why? Because so many of his 20 ways have to do with content! Five of them in fact, which I have summed up for you below. When it comes to great website content and SEO results, you simply cannot ignore content. Again: You cannot ignore content. Content is what the search engines index and rank. Content is what people look for. Content is what people share, comment on and link to. Content. Content. Content. Of the 20 tips offered, [...]

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Is Your Web Content Doing Its Job? Or Should It Be Axed?

I just wrapped up another content consultant job, and I was reminded once again that words only have power when used correctly. This particular content consultant job involved reviewing two websites and making recommendations for improving them. Both websites had plenty of information. I doubt they were written by any decent freelance copywriter because the writing was poor. But the writing–and information–was there. But these websites didn’t work. They just sat there, and the phones kept ringing in the clients’ offices because the websites were no help. The websites took up space but didn’t answer questions. The problem was two-fold as [...]

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New Site Showcases Our Client and Our Web Writing Prowess Both!

Watching a project go live is often like waiting for the birth of a baby, especially because content is usually first. That means us freelance copywriters and content providers are done with a project and moved on to something new before our content is ever laid out in print or html. And then we’re busy and forget to find out later how everything turned out! So it’s a treat when a client comes back and says, “Hey, check it out, it’s done!” because it reminds me to go take a look and see our copywriting prowess in action. Today’s treat came from Graphic [...]

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Pills Might Help Real-Life Headaches, but Words Soothe the Marketing Ones

Marketing is not about finding some magic pill that makes your website convert. It’s about being specific in your content marketing and copywriting, talking about what your audience is buying, not what you’re selling. Here’s more proof… Last month I helped an attorney with new copywriting for her website. She has an unusual niche: helping people in the healthcare profession defend their license when accused of wrongdoing. Yet she wasn’t getting those kinds of clients. We redid the website copy to speak specifically to the concerns of that particular audience. Yesterday, I got my first professional license client just from [...]

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