SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

I recently did a new freelance copywriter project, writing 18 pages of SEO content for a new client. The client had contracted with an SEO firm to provide keywords and a plan for 18 landing pages, each one focused on one keyword. And I am fine with all of that part, but the sample SEO content I was given to work from was horrible. And that’s where I get a little frustrated with the SEO people: They drop the ball. They only worry about one or two stages of SEO, when really there are three. Or at least I think [...]

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Copywriter Serves up the Truth About Title Tags in SEO Content

As a freelance copywriter, I regularly talk to people who think they’ve got organic SEO all figured out, but then they give me blank stares when I talk about Title tags. Just today I was arguing with a web developer who failed to use the Title tags I’d written for a client’s website, fighting for my Title tags and explaining their importance. It’s 2013. We’ve been using Title tags and Google for quite some time now to win searches, but we still aren’t giving Title tags their due. Is this because people simply don’t know? Well then, I am going [...]

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There’s Nothing New in SEO!

Every time I see a title like “10 SEO Tips,” I think maybe I’ll learn something new that will help me as a freelance copywriter do a better job for my clients. Every time I click on the link to read such an article, I am reminded yet again that there aren’t any magic bullets or fast tracks to great SEO. This latest SEO tips article is right on the money in every way. This might be the latest SEO tips article, but it’s not the latest news. The number one component required to get your website linked well is and always has [...]

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Choose GOOD Content Over “Any” Content…Even if Your Budget Is $150/Month

This morning I moderated a panel on SEO and organic search at the eMarketing conference in San Francisco. Content was the over-riding theme of our SEO panel. Which is music to my copywriter and content marketing services ears, right? There was plenty of talk about Panda too, again, getting us to look at content. Here’s the thing about content and content marketing: You can create all kinds of content, but it must be good content. As the panelists said, the content must educate, entertain and enlighten (the three Es). After the panel, I checked my email and read the following (with specific [...]

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Proof That Strategic Content Marketing Gets You the SEO That Gets You Noticed

Experts have been saying for some time that people tend to disregard paid search results because they are much more trusting of the organic search results. Yesterday’s eMarketer article on search behavior tells us this is still true. I quote: “research indicates that most search users overlook search ads almost entirely.” And you know what marketers overlook almost entirely? How easy it is to compete for organic search results. Yesterday at MarketMix in Seattle, I moderated a panel on Content Marketing with two highly respected experts as my brainy and bold panelists: Chris Baggott of Compendium and Russell Sparkman of FusionSpark Media. If [...]

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Content Is Still King, so Hire the Best Copywriter and Get to Work for SEO

MarketingSherpa just rocks. They put out great reports and summaries in addition to their weekly wisdom. And speaking of wisdom, reading through their recent “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” report prompted quite a few insights for this freelance copywriter. This week, we’ll delve into one per day (since there were a total of five, I figure it was meant to be!)   Today, I gush over what Dean Rieck of Direct Creative had to say. Any comment that starts with “Content is king” is going to speak straight to a freelance copywriter’s heart. But he gives proof, talking about a client that [...]

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Professional copywriter almost duped by faulty keywords

Revising my own keywords as a professional copywriter who writes a blog, I was struck by how easy it might be to use keywords that don’t attract your target audience…quite the opposite. As I revised my freelance copywriter blog keywords this past week, there were several suggested to me that I knew wouldn’t work. Anything with “wanted” in the term was another freelance copywriter looking for work, not a potential client. And search terms that used simply “writer” and not “copywriter” meant people with smaller budgets. (Clients that can afford to hire a professional copywriter will search using the term copywriter, not writer. Anyone [...]

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What’s new for SEO in 2010? Nothing, this copywriter discovers

Yesterday I sat through another disappointing SEO webinar. It was “sold” to me as a copywriter as SEO copywriting tips for 2010, implying it would offer new information. But it was simply a rehash of old information I as an experienced copywriter already knew. Seriously, maybe I do know everything there is to know about SEO copywriting for now, including optimizing press releases. This webinar talked about how to build an online press room, a topic the We Know Words copywriting staff presented on two years ago! I realize not everyone knows as much as I do about search engine optimization and Web writing. That’s [...]

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This SEO copywriter disagrees with that SEO copywriter: No company name in Title tag!

Just read an article by a very respected SEO copywriter talking about Title tags. If you do any SEO copywriting, or you work with your SEO copywriter, you’ll know the Title tag is a critical part of your search engine optimization (SEO).   (If you don’t know, read a quick tutorial I just wrote for another blog here:   Normally I really respect this SEO copywriter’s opinion, and, knowing how important Title tags are I was excited to read this article to make sure I know everything I need to to be a kick ass Website copywriter…but in this [...]

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