Dating Your Customer: How Can You Be More Thoughtful?

Seth Godin’s book “Free Prize Inside” came in a cereal box. That in and of itself is noteworthy. But that’s not why I remember it as fondly as I do. No, I remember it because the concept of a free prize (in marketing) is so compelling, I still see free prizes around me, years after reading the book. And I think of them as just that: a free prize.   A free prize is the dog biscuit the bank teller sends my pooch with my deposit slip when I go through the drive through…and the big guy is sitting in [...]

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Stop Talking About Yourself. Now. Pleeeeaaase. (And please make it stop raining…)

When one blogs as a means to market onself and/or one’s business, one should not blog: a) After 9:00 at night. b) After drinking. c) When in a pissy mood because it has been raining nonstop since who knows when and one is sick of the rain, mud and wet. Please realize that you are reading a blog written under condition “c.” Yes, I am violating my own, self-imposed rule. But I have been a freelance copywriter for over 10 years and I am tired of seeing the following mindset be so pervasive among marketers. CEOs, yes. Sales teams, sure. But marketers need [...]

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Businesses Start “Dating” Their Customers With Thank You Notes

Yesterday on NPR’s Marketplace, I heard a piece on the return of the thank you note as a sign of the recession. Apparently companies are wising up that they need to appreciate their customers…and to express that appreciation! Yes, said this freelance copywriter! Why? Because I’m about one-third of the way through my “marketing is like dating” book and this is a fabulous example! I might be “just” a freelance copywriter, but I’m also a marketing junkie who pays attention, and I’m a jaded consumer, and I’m a single woman. Add all that up and you get an approach to marketing that suggests you [...]

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Blogging Is Like Online Dating for Your Business: Get Out There to Get Found!

Imagine trying to find someone to date without ever leaving your house or going online. How would you meet anyone? You wouldn’t. You have to put yourself out there in order to meet potential dates and mates.   Same with marketing. If you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t be found by potential customers.   Blogging is one of the best ways to put yourself out there online…if you’re doing it right, meaning with enough of the right keywords and frequently enough.   As a freelance copywriter and now a Copy Coach, I’ve been promoting blogs as marketing tools [...]

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Marketing Is Like Dating, Proven by B2C and B2B Social Media Differences

My “Marketing Is Like Dating” book has been on the back burner as I rethink my role as a professional copywriter in 2010. But a comparison chart of the differences between B2C and B2B in social media marketing illustrates a point I simply have to include: be appropriate. Obviously if you’re selling to consumers, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and YouTube are channels you’ll use. For B2B, the chart says blogs, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Twitter. (Interesting that Twitter is in both.) You have to be appropriate, and therefore market via appropriate channels. Think of dating, and how, if you’re a woman, you’ve been approached or asked [...]

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Have your copywriter write your marketing like a personal ad

Here’s another analogy for proving marketing is like dating: Think of personal ads. Why? Because words can woo.   Even with online dating sites like, you don’t rely solely on the photos. Heck, plenty of people (mostly men for some reason) don’t even put up photos. The words still matter. You read someone’s profile and decide if it resonates with you or not.   Let’s take search engines and search results as an example…   Like your personal ad, you can write these to say anything you want, as long as they also have the search terms you want [...]

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Are you really willing to be devoted to your customer?

What’s the ultimate goal of marketing? Converting prospects to customers. Sales. Profits. Brand loyalty. In short, marriage. You market to prospects (courting) to convert them to customers (dating) and hope to have them for a lifetime (marrying). And marriage is hard work, as any married or formerly married person will tell you! Marriage requires devotion and commitment. Marriage means constantly thinking about the other person and never taking them for granted. Marriage means putting the other person’s best interests ahead of yours. Many marriages end because the two people don’t have the required level of commitment over the long haul. [...]

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Copywriting is courting: So stop talking about yourself

You’re courting your potential customers. Do you realize that? They aren’t customers yet. They are prospects. You are talking to them, but they aren’t really listening yet. And they won’t listen until you stop talking about yourself. At least initially. What is “courting” anyway? We know it as an old-fashioned term, but what does it really mean? According to Merriam Webster, to court means: “to seek the affections of; especially : to seek to win a pledge of marriage from.” In our marketing is like dating analogy, remember that “marriage” is the ultimate goal of your marketing: it means a [...]

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