What Re-Building an 1890 Farmhouse Is Teaching Me About Marketing…Again

Late in 2011, I bought an 1890 farmhouse on 22 acres, not realizing the house was literally falling down. At that time, I was a single mom who thought ripping up old carpets and painting walls would make the house good to go. Boy, was I wrong! Since then, I have married a wonderful man who knows how to wield a hammer and together we have tackled what we call “the farmhouse project,” battling side-by-side to save the house against all odds. Rebuilding this 133-year-old house has been quite an education for me in construction, remodelling and project management: from [...]

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Lost on a Landing Page: Why a Bit of Branding Is Better Than None at All

I just had the strange experience of landing at a landing page and having no clue where I was. I don’t think that’s ever happened before! I was on LinkedIn, poking around to see what’s new, and an ad caught my eye. It had to do with whitepapers, and since I’m a freelance copywriter who writes whitepapers for clients, I was interested, of course. I clicked on the link…and got lost. The landing page had zero branding at all. It wasn’t blank, however! Rather it was full of calls to action. Among my many choices on that page: I could [...]

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Kraft Throwing Money at Old-School Marketing

As the marketing world moves forward into Content Marketing, finally giving content its due, I guess not everyone is following suit. In 2011, we can have our customers talking about us and marketing for us like never before. We can be more real, more authentic. We can let our brands have personality and engage with our audiences in completely new ways. Or we can just throw more money at marketing the old-school way. That’s apparently what Kraft is going to do. Kraft is going to going the old route of more money, more ads. Some agencies are going to make a [...]

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The Languages of Love. The Languages of Marketing. What’s the Difference?

I’m reading “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, and even though I’m barely past the introduction, my freelance copywriter brain is already going, “Oh! This applies to marketing too!” I don’t have to know about the five love languages to get the concept: Speak in a way the other person will hear. At We Know Words, our mantra is talk to your customers, not at them. Another favorite: Your words have to sell what people are buying. That means you’re selling a good night’s sleep, not a mattress. You’re selling SEO, not  blogging software. You’re selling a mom’s peace of mind, not organic [...]

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Freelance Copywriter on Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

I’ve heard this question from several small business owners lately: “Why have a Facebook page for my business?” As I re-evaluate what I do as a professional copywriter in the age of social media, i.e. the age of user generated content, where the customers create the copy, not the copywriter, I see my role shifting from Copy Writer to Copy Coach. So I take this social media marketing stuff very seriously!   To answer the question of “why,” I made some notes which you’ll find below. If you have anything to add, definitely post a comment! That is social media! [...]

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Don’t Use Press Releases if Your Website Sucks and Your Blog Is Nonexistent

Last of my MarketingSherpa “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” freelance copywriter insights… Even small businesses can get a big bang from PR, and I don’t mean hiring a publicist and trying to get written up in the national news. For years, the We Know Words copywriters have pushed clients to do more with press releases. Use the right freelance copywriter, and your press releases can: *Be written with keywords and optimized for search *Be added to your website, increasing your SEO *Be submitted to an online press release distribution company like PRWeb.com, also increasing your SEO *Provide blog fodder *Be linked to in [...]

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Talk to Your Customers, not at Them

Day 2 of my MarketingSherpa “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” freelance copywriter insights… Here’s a great example of talking to the customer, not at them, this professional copywriter’s mantra: Tyler Garns of InfusionSoft submitted a great example of simplifying the marketing message. His company went from a big promise to a small one, from promising an all-in-one solution to promising an email marketing solution. They found the all-in-one message didn’t resonate with their small business audience. Turned out, the small businesses were only looking for email marketing. I’ve used this example before, but it is worth repeating because this comes up so [...]

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Copywriter services should focus on being true…even when it stinks

I just met with the founder of PureAyre to coach him on blogging. We met at the Kona Kai coffee shop where I often run into people know, because that’s this copywriter’s home away from home. This morning as I ran into people, I introduced James and literally gushed about their product, an odor eliminator…not because I was trying to impress James, but because I am a true believer in their product. I’m a freelance copywriter. I get paid to say good things about clients’ products and services. My copywriter services exist solely to get prospects interested in what my clients have to sell. When it comes [...]

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Freelance copy writer finds stellar small business marketing on Facebook

2010 is the year I figure out how my role as a freelance copy writer will change in the age of social media. Blogging I got down. I’ve been pushing blogs as marketing tools for a long time now, and even teaching small business blogging. I think I have a pretty good handle on LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Twitter I’ll never figure out. So I’ve primarily been paying attention to Facebook as a social media marketing tool. But my friend Jeff just summed up how to use Facebook as a small business with his Facebook page for his painting business. Jeff did an [...]

Beware the small business marketing advice that’s just more hype, no help

As a freelance copywriter who helps out clients with small business marketing, I am constantly on the lookout for new information to pass along to copywriting clients, especially as social media takes center stage. I’m already pushing blogs as marketing tools, but these days I’m looking out for nuggets on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, trying to wrap my head around how these tools can be put to use for small business marketing. So this article of using Facebook for your small business caught my eye when someone retweeted it, but it’s more of the same: talking about the how, but not the why, and definitely [...]

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