Why That Freelance Copywriter Is Asking for Your Budget

While dinking around on the Internet the other day, I found a blog post that made freelance copywriters like me seem about as trustworthy as an onion skin. (I don’t know why I am choosing an onion skin as my comparison. It just popped into my head and I’m going with it…) There were several things this writer described as “red flags” that were perfectly reasonable requests for a copywriter to make, in my opinion. One of those was asking for the budget. In that writer’s mind, I guess, asking for the budget only means a copywriter would take the [...]

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6 Mistakes Clients Make that Screw the Client / Copywriter Relationship

Post 2008 recession, I find that more and more I am contacted by companies that either don’t have a marketing person or department, or that have a marketing person isn’t very well qualified to do their job. Although this makes sense, since marketing departments and jobs are often the first to go when economic times turn tough and companies are doing more with less when it comes to marketing departments, it has made my job as a freelance copywriter harder to do. Pre-recession, I used to work primarily with people who knew what they were doing. They were marketers, and [...]

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How This Web Content Writer Works

“How does it work?” As a freelance copywriter, I get asked that question a lot, but really only about web content. I guess maybe email copywriting or print work, those things are more straightforward in people’s minds. But web content…now that always means a question about the process. So after writing it up just now for a potential client in need of a freelance copywriter, I thought I should just make it public knowledge! This is my process as a freelance copywriter. Someone else will probably approach your web content in a different way. But this is what you can [...]

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Segmenting Aside, There’s Always a Place for GREAT Content

While working on an article on data-driven content for a client, my head was of course wrapped around creating this targeted, segmented content that marketers can serve up based on a subscriber’s preferences or a customer’s behavior. But then I read a comment on another article that pointed out what should have been obvious to me as the freelance copywriter: Not every marketer has to create segmented content, because great content will serve a great big audience. Does Seth Godin have to create segmented content? Hardly! Guy Kawasaki? David Meerman Scott? No and no. Why? Because they create original, thought-provoking, [...]

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Is it okay for a freelance copywriter to toot her own horn?

It’s weird to be a freelance copywriter, working in marketing helping clients left and right to craft compelling marketing messages, but then find myself a bit shy about tooting my own copywriting horn! This morning I received from my friendly blogging software provider an email encouraging me to blog on five great things about my We Know Words copywriting business. I gulped. I blushed. I thought, “Oh, but that sooooo goes against my Catholic upbringing to be bragging about myself!”   Still, Compendium Blogware isn’t a runaway success for nothing. I’m taking their advice, so bear with me…   Clients [...]

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The Freelance Copywriter in 2013: From Copy to Coach!!

I’ve been on the sidelines these last couple of years, doing less as a freelance copywriter and more as a moved-from-city-to-country-and-bought-falling-down-farmhouse-and-met-love-of-my-life kind of gal, so I have kind of stayed out of the content marketing fray, for which I am now thankful. Because now, on the brink of a brand new year, as I am able to extricate myself from some of the personal challenges of the past couple of years and refocus on my work, I can see where content marketing has taken people like me: from Copy to Coach. See, at first I was afraid of it, thinking it made [...]

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From Copywriter to Content Marketer…It’s a Matter of Semantics

On page 7 of the popular content marketing book “Content Rules” by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, a sidebar attempts to clarify the difference between copywriting and content marketing. It essentially says copywriting is ads and the like and content marketing is everything else. What’s funny about that to me, as someone who has spent the last 11 years as a freelance copywriter, is that most of those 11 years have been spent writing the very things the people now say are content marketing. But I thought I was a copywriter… As much as I love the book “Content Rules,” and as much as [...]

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Hiring a Freelance Copywriter? Questions to Ask…

Yesterday I had a pleasant phone call with a potential client who asked me point blank, “If I were someone used to hiring a freelance copywriter, what questions would I be asking you?” I’ve been a freelance copywriter for a decade, and I think that’s the first time I have been asked that question. It took me by surprise! But it was valid. I’m looking for a used truck and I feel the same way: I’ve never bought a truck before. I don’t even know what questions to ask! So if you’re hiring a content copywriter, and you’re not sure what to ask, here are the [...]

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Copywriter vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

This whole Content Marketing thing has admittedly caught me a little off guard. As a freelance copywriter, I work with words every single day. Marketing through content is what I do. It’s my passion, my livelihood. As a freelance copywriter, at first I thought, “Well, content marketing is what I already do.” But as the articles keep popping up in the email newsletters I read, and eMarketer, and other places, I am trying to sort this out. And here’s what I think… Yes, as a freelance copywriter, content marketing is what I do. But in a way it’s also what I’ve always wanted to do, and that is [...]

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Do I Want to Be the Best Copywriter? Or the Happiest? This Email Made Me Happy!

I received a wonderful gift today. One a non-copywriter might not appreciate, but one worth its weight in gold, for someone like me, a professional copywriter often working alone, struggling to make clients happy, to stay on top of changes like SEO and social media… Wow. Sounds like I’m having a pity party! But I’m not. I’m having a joyful copywriter day, because I received the following wonderful message from a fellow freelance copywriter: “I’m a freelance copywriter in my spare time, and have been for 20 years.  For the last few months I’ve been in a rut, feeling generally uninspired and just [...]

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