Bringing Email Marketing and Content Marketing Together

I wrote this as the blogger for an email marketing company, but the content marketing topics covered are worthy of being in this freelance copywriter blog too…sooooo I offer a link to it, and encourage you to read it, whether you’re in email marketing, content marketing or both: Stock Up on Reviews (and Content) With an Automated Email Campaign.

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Email marketing does more when your copywriter writes a little alt text

I recently got a new laptop, and opted to leave Outlook with the default settings for images in email. That means most html email showing up in my inbox has little red x’s in it. I left the setting alone because I’m curious about how well companies are using alt text in their email marketing. In the past week with my new laptop, I am shocked at how few are, and what a poor job is done by those companies that do use alt text. This sounds like this should be an email marketing topic, and it is in a way, [...]

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Freelance copywriter appreciates well done ServiceMagic emails

Everyone’s inbox is full of emails, much of it poorly written email marketing. That’s why I enjoy the emails I get from ServiceMagic. They have attention-getting subject lines, and copywriting that’s fun to read but helpful too. Their most recent email to me had the subject line “All parties end up in the kitchen somehow…” and then the header text when you open the email said “Unless your sink is smelling up the place.” The rest of the email newsletter gives advice on getting rid of a stinky sink odor, then offers a link to look for home cleaning pros to help. I’m a [...]

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Copywriting subject lines: cheats sheets and changing copy

Your subject line can make or break your email. It’s a small but critical part of your email copywriting. “Small” because it’s only a few words. Critical because it either gets people to open your email or doesn’t. Some copywriters say write your email subject line first. The make the body of the copywriting carry through the promise of the subject line. Another freelance copywriter might tell you to write teh body of the email, then go back and write the subject line, spending just as much time on the 5 words in your subject line as the 105 in the [...]

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