Does Your Business Have a Sales or a Marketing Mentality? Please Say Marketing!

Does your business have a sales or a marketing mentality? I’m asking because it’s heavy on my mind and, although I think I sensed there was a difference, it wasn’t until this week that I realized how different the two mentalities are. And don’t think I’m going to say the sales one is better. I’m not. This thinking was prompted by an eye-opening conversation with the marketing person for a company I’ve worked for in the past. I was their website copywriter for a much-needed website revamp. I was happy with what we accomplished, and I expected more online marketing [...]

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Will Content Marketing Be Reduced to Formulas? I’m Just Sayin’…

Today I read two blogs in total contrast to each other that really got me thinking. One was on email copywriting, and thinking about writing emails as an author would think about a novel. It’s a great reminder that the email copywriter has a responsibility to not only “sell” something but to use thoughtful, meaningful approaches to writing to do so. And my apologies to Mike May, the author, if my paraphrasing of his post is not quite what he intended! The other was on a content marketing checklist, called “Creating Valuable Content: An Essential Checklist.” For me, it presents a real [...]

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Be Careful to Be Timely When Re-Using Content for Content Marketing

I’ve always been a huge proponent of repurposing and re-using content as a freelance copywriter, long before the dawn of content marketing. But I just saw an “oops” that prompted this content marketing blog on being careful to be timely. I opened an email newsletter from a company I trust, and scrolled down to see a headline I thought I’d better click on. It was on a topic that was hot back in the fall and one I need to stay on top of as the copywriting and content marketing coordinator for one of We Know Words‘ clients. “What is [...]

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From Copywriter to Content Marketer…It’s a Matter of Semantics

On page 7 of the popular content marketing book “Content Rules” by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, a sidebar attempts to clarify the difference between copywriting and content marketing. It essentially says copywriting is ads and the like and content marketing is everything else. What’s funny about that to me, as someone who has spent the last 11 years as a freelance copywriter, is that most of those 11 years have been spent writing the very things the people now say are content marketing. But I thought I was a copywriter… As much as I love the book “Content Rules,” and as much as [...]

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Yep, the Blodder for Your Online Content Marketing Is There! Tap Into It!

In response to an earlier content marketing blog post on what I call “blodder,” and trying to capture what employees say in their emails as blog fodder for your online content marketing, I got the following comment: “This is so true – if I could get my hands on the emails that one of my company’s employees writes on a daily basis, I would have so much blodder to work with, I would hardly have time to plan.” I’m sure your work situation is at least somewhat similar, with your employees writing thoughtful, detailed responses to customers or prospects. They [...]

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You Don’t Have to Look Too Far to Find the Content for Your Content Marketing!

I have a friend. Well, he’s a client, really. OK, he’s an employee of a client company of ours. But he has become a dear friend, and he’s a super smart guy who is constantly talking circles around me any time I need to interview him for a project for this client company. And he’s top of mind as I write this blog post intended to get you thinking how easy content can be to come by when you’re implementing a content marketing program. You see, this friend, Michael, he writes these amazing emails that are full–and I mean full–of [...]

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What Are Content Marketing Services Anyway?

I was updating the We Know Words website and realized we didn’t have a clear explanation of our content marketing services. I remedied that just now on the website and below! When it comes to content marketing services, we offer everything from the plan to putting it into practice. Content Marketing Plan We assess what you’re currently doing, get clear on your goals, learn about your audience and their goals, then develop a plan just for you that includes the steps to create, implement and track your Content Marketing Plan. Once you have the plan, you can run with it, or stick [...]

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Stop Worrying About Content, Marketers: Outsource It Instead!

According to a recent MarketingProfs article on B2B email marketing, these marketers are primarily concerned with improving the relevancy of the content in their emails. In fact, it’s so important to them, 66% of B2B marketers surveyed cited improving content as a goal for the next 12 months. The next highest goal was list hygiene at only 42%. In the interest of being self serving, may I point out that it’s interesting that content is such a huge concern at the time when content marketing is coming into its own as a marketing strategy and tactic? And if two-thirds of B2B marketers [...]

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Unlike Boyfriends, Blogs Are Forever…Make Them Part of Your Content Marketing

Why blog? Because blogging is forever. OK, forever is relative in this day and age. But a blog post is going to be around a lot longer than other social media marketing. A wall post on a Facebook page has a very short life span. A tweet even shorter. But a blog will be around always. It will be indexed by the search engines and served up when someone goes looking for what you’re offering…even if it’s two, three or even five years later. That’s a lot longer than a lot of boyfriends! And that won’t happen with any other kind of [...]

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Does Fear Keep Marketers From Content Marketing?

I’m in love with the whole idea of content marketing because the premise is something I’ve pushed for for years. As a freelance copywriter, I have pushed people to be real and tell stories. I have pushed clients to get testimonials and find out their customers’ stories. I have pushed for repurposing (now called reimagining) of content. And why didn’t clients listen to me before this whole notion of content marketing came along? I don’t know. Maybe I’m simply not pushy enough. Maybe I wasn’t secure enough because no one else was saying it so maybe my ideas weren’t so great after all (or so said the [...]

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