Copywriting Gone Awry…and a Reminder that Content ALWAYS Counts, Even on a Coupon!

Between my various roles as freelance copywriter, wanna be farmer, wife and mother, I rarely take time to blog but I regularly find things to blog about, and those are quite often copywriting gone awry. The pile of coupons in front of me offers several examples of content gone awry. Yesterday’s trip to the grocery store–the one I do once a week to stock the kitchen–left me with four of those receipt coupon thingies…you know, the ones that print out with your receipt so that the cashier hands you a wad of paper instead of just one. At right is [...]

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Segmenting Aside, There’s Always a Place for GREAT Content

While working on an article on data-driven content for a client, my head was of course wrapped around creating this targeted, segmented content that marketers can serve up based on a subscriber’s preferences or a customer’s behavior. But then I read a comment on another article that pointed out what should have been obvious to me as the freelance copywriter: Not every marketer has to create segmented content, because great content will serve a great big audience. Does Seth Godin have to create segmented content? Hardly! Guy Kawasaki? David Meerman Scott? No and no. Why? Because they create original, thought-provoking, [...]

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Unless It’s Shareable, It’s Only Content–Not Content Marketing!

I just opened a newsletter from a marketing company with an article on why your business should be blogging. It was a great article, directed at B2B blogging, with compelling arguments and stats such as: Companies that are blogging get 55% more traffic to their website. B2B companies that are blogging enjoy 67% more leads per month than their non-blogging counterparts. And 57% of companies that blog gain a customer through that blog. Now remember, I am a freelance copywriter. It’s not like I think every piece of content that shows up in my inbox is good stuff. I rarely do. But this [...]

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Bringing Email Marketing and Content Marketing Together

I wrote this as the blogger for an email marketing company, but the content marketing topics covered are worthy of being in this freelance copywriter blog too…sooooo I offer a link to it, and encourage you to read it, whether you’re in email marketing, content marketing or both: Stock Up on Reviews (and Content) With an Automated Email Campaign.

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Proofreading Tips for Content Marketing Managers

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of copyediting and proofreading for one big client, something that’s a nice break from freelance copywriting because it gives me a chance to pick on someone else’s writing for a change! (Disclaimer here: I do not market myself as a proofreader or editor, but it is a service I provide to my regular copywriting clients.) For some reason, I seem to have a knack for proofreading and that gets more projects sent my way. Not that you’d know it reading through my marketing blog posts full of typos! But then no one pays me [...]

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Does Your Marketing Need More Content? Look Into Your Past!

Again and again, I see the painful statistic saying marketers are challenged to create enough content for to meet the needs of their content marketing strategy. I say painful because it need not be so! Generating content is the easiest part, as long as your content marketing strategy is well done. For one thing, you aren’t limited to only new content. You can repurpose content instead. And there are plenty of ways to do that, which we’ll talk about in the new few blog posts. Even before the term “content marketing” was the star of the show, I was talking about repurposing [...]

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Content Made Easy! How to Make Content Creation a Piece of Cake

After the amazing success of Content Marketing World last week, with over 600 people in attendance, I wonder if some marketers are heading back to their desks full of new ideas and energized to take their content marketing programs to a whole new level…but are still stymied by the content creation itself. As a freelance copywriter, I have run into this situation with clients years before content marketing ever became a term, let alone a mainstream one. It would usually come up in conversation when I was encouraging clients to consider using e-newsletters for marketing. “But what would we write about?” I was repeatedly [...]

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Smile! Content Marketing as the Coming of Age of Copywriting

It’s enough to make you smile… Every day I get a Google alert for “content marketing” and every day I am more and more convinced of one thing: content marketing is the coming of age of copywriting. Lee Odden started an article on content marketing published today with these words: “Companies are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon in increasing numbers, investing in new content for articles, newsletters, whitepapers, blogs, and video to better attract and engage customers.” (Emphasis mine.) I’ve been heading up the copywriter firm We Know Words for 11 years now. During that decade plus, we have created more of this type [...]

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Repurpose Social Chatter, But Make Sure to Deliver Content–not Clutter

I appreciate that this article is encouraging us to repurpose content, I really do. It’s something I push as a freelance copywriter and content consultant. I encourage our copywriting and content marketing clients to think in terms of rite once, use in multiple places. I’m also a huge proponent of sharing content across media, like blogging on your email newsletter or using testimonials posted to your Facebook wall as blog content. The possibilities for repurposing content are endless. However, our goal must always be the same: Be customer centric. Whether you’re hiring a ghost blogger or a content marketing group, make [...]

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Getting Words Right vs. Getting Words Wrong: A Compelling Contrast

I have a love/hate relationship with the long drive to Seattle. When I make the trek for meetings, I dread the length of the drive. That’s the hate. On the other hand, it’s a chance to see all kinds of do’s and don’ts in action all within a two-hour time span. During this week’s drive, I witnessed a great contrast that illustrates the importance of talking to, not at, your customer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance copywriter or you’re providing content marketing services. If you’re in the business of words, your words must be customer-centric. Driving north in the [...]

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