Writing is FUN! Or, How to Get Your Peeps Primed for Blogging

I am a freelance copywriter for one reason and one reason only: It combines my love of writing with my love of marketing. I love to write, I really do: your stuff, my stuff, any stuff. But I’m not you, nor am I your employees. So I don’t expect any of you to looooove writing, but I do expect you to believe one thing: Writing can be fun! It really can! And why does that matter? It matters because we’ve entered the age of content marketing, and one key to generating all the web content required is blogging. Blogging is like [...]

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Freelance Copywriter Gets Kick in the Butt to Get Back to Blogging

I love this article on the dumbest excuse for not blogging, although it was painful to read because I have been using that exact same excuse for the past two years: lack of time! Between moving from city to country, moving from a rental into a new husband’s house, buying a 132-year-old farmhouse we are having to rebuild, and many other things, time has been the one thing I have been most short of. And my business and blog have suffered as a result, but especially this blog! Ironically, Doug Rekenthaler posted his article just as I was sitting down to recommit myself [...]

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Choose GOOD Content Over “Any” Content…Even if Your Budget Is $150/Month

This morning I moderated a panel on SEO and organic search at the eMarketing conference in San Francisco. Content was the over-riding theme of our SEO panel. Which is music to my copywriter and content marketing services ears, right? There was plenty of talk about Panda too, again, getting us to look at content. Here’s the thing about content and content marketing: You can create all kinds of content, but it must be good content. As the panelists said, the content must educate, entertain and enlighten (the three Es). After the panel, I checked my email and read the following (with specific [...]

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Unlike Boyfriends, Blogs Are Forever…Make Them Part of Your Content Marketing

Why blog? Because blogging is forever. OK, forever is relative in this day and age. But a blog post is going to be around a lot longer than other social media marketing. A wall post on a Facebook page has a very short life span. A tweet even shorter. But a blog will be around always. It will be indexed by the search engines and served up when someone goes looking for what you’re offering…even if it’s two, three or even five years later. That’s a lot longer than a lot of boyfriends! And that won’t happen with any other kind of [...]

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Blogging Is Like Online Dating for Your Business: Get Out There to Get Found!

Imagine trying to find someone to date without ever leaving your house or going online. How would you meet anyone? You wouldn’t. You have to put yourself out there in order to meet potential dates and mates.   Same with marketing. If you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t be found by potential customers.   Blogging is one of the best ways to put yourself out there online…if you’re doing it right, meaning with enough of the right keywords and frequently enough.   As a freelance copywriter and now a Copy Coach, I’ve been promoting blogs as marketing tools [...]

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When Wondering How Often to Blog, Start With Your Goal

In an SEO newsletter the other day, I read the Twitter question of the week regarding how often should one blog. The answers were all over the place because… It’s the wrong question! How often one should blog depends on one’s blogging goals. Even as a professional copywriter who ghost blogs for clients, I blog with different frequency depending on their goals. Below are some of the blogging goals I’ve come across as a freelance copywriter. Figure out which ones applies to your blog, then you’ll know how frequently to blog: Blog Goal #1–Internet marketing via SEO: If you’re blogging to get found [...]

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