Businesses Start “Dating” Their Customers With Thank You Notes

Yesterday on NPR’s Marketplace, I heard a piece on the return of the thank you note as a sign of the recession. Apparently companies are wising up that they need to appreciate their customers…and to express that appreciation!

Yes, said this freelance copywriter! Why? Because I’m about one-third of the way through my “marketing is like dating” book and this is a fabulous example!

I might be “just” a freelance copywriter, but I’m also a marketing junkie who pays attention, and I’m a jaded consumer, and I’m a single woman.

Add all that up and you get an approach to marketing that suggests you think of marketing as dating, meaning you woo, court, date and ultimately marry your customers.

The thank you note is like the phone call after the date. It’s your way of showing you care, you appreciate. Trust me, there’s not near enough appreciation in the world these days! Whether a jaded divorcee or a jaded consumer, a sign of appreciation like a thank you note is going to go a long way in making that one-time buy into a long-term relationship!

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