SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

I recently did a new freelance copywriter project, writing 18 pages of SEO content for a new client. The client had contracted with an SEO firm to provide keywords and a plan for 18 landing pages, each one focused on one keyword. And I am fine with all of that part, but the sample SEO content I was given to work from was horrible. And that’s where I get a little frustrated with the SEO people: They drop the ball. They only worry about one or two stages of SEO, when really there are three. Or at least I think [...]

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Portal Communications Group Gets New Look, New Web Content

Portal Communications Gr

It’s always a treat when a web content project goes live! And so I must share… Congrats to Portal Communications Group on their new website! And thank you, Zango Creative, for once again making my web content look so good!!  

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How This Web Content Writer Works

“How does it work?” As a freelance copywriter, I get asked that question a lot, but really only about web content. I guess maybe email copywriting or print work, those things are more straightforward in people’s minds. But web content…now that always means a question about the process. So after writing it up just now for a potential client in need of a freelance copywriter, I thought I should just make it public knowledge! This is my process as a freelance copywriter. Someone else will probably approach your web content in a different way. But this is what you can [...]

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Segmenting Aside, There’s Always a Place for GREAT Content

While working on an article on data-driven content for a client, my head was of course wrapped around creating this targeted, segmented content that marketers can serve up based on a subscriber’s preferences or a customer’s behavior. But then I read a comment on another article that pointed out what should have been obvious to me as the freelance copywriter: Not every marketer has to create segmented content, because great content will serve a great big audience. Does Seth Godin have to create segmented content? Hardly! Guy Kawasaki? David Meerman Scott? No and no. Why? Because they create original, thought-provoking, [...]

Unless It’s Shareable, It’s Only Content–Not Content Marketing!

I just opened a newsletter from a marketing company with an article on why your business should be blogging. It was a great article, directed at B2B blogging, with compelling arguments and stats such as: Companies that are blogging get 55% more traffic to their website. B2B companies that are blogging enjoy 67% more leads per month than their non-blogging counterparts. And 57% of companies that blog gain a customer through that blog. Now remember, I am a freelance copywriter. It’s not like I think every piece of content that shows up in my inbox is good stuff. I rarely do. But this [...]

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