Why That Freelance Copywriter Is Asking for Your Budget

does that freelance copywriter see dollar signs

While dinking around on the Internet the other day, I found a blog post that made freelance copywriters like me seem about as trustworthy as an onion skin. (I don’t know why I am choosing an onion skin as my comparison. It just popped into my head and I’m going with it…) There were several things this writer described as “red flags” that were perfectly reasonable requests for a copywriter to make, in my opinion. One of those was asking for the budget. In that writer’s mind, I guess, asking for the budget only means a copywriter would take the [...]

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Bad Ads: What Happens When Copywriters and Designers Don’t Talk

bad ad

Am I really negative? It might come across that way, because I like to show and talk about examples of what not to do here in my blog. That’s because, in my opinion, the bad example is more educational than the good one. You see the good one and think, “Oh, I already do that,” and don’t think about how to make copywriting better. But if you see the bad example, you might think, “Egads, I do that! I’d better stop!” So I’m not negative, not really. I’m actually a fairly positive person and usually smiling. (That’s why there are [...]

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6 Mistakes Clients Make that Screw the Client / Copywriter Relationship

avoid frustration with these tips for working with a freelance copywriter

Post 2008 recession, I find that more and more I am contacted by companies that either don’t have a marketing person or department, or that have a marketing person isn’t very well qualified to do their job. Although this makes sense, since marketing departments and jobs are often the first to go when economic times turn tough and companies are doing more with less when it comes to marketing departments, it has made my job as a freelance copywriter harder to do. Pre-recession, I used to work primarily with people who knew what they were doing. They were marketers, and [...]

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Copywriting Gone Awry…and a Reminder that Content ALWAYS Counts, Even on a Coupon!

receipts as copywriting samples

Between my various roles as freelance copywriter, wanna be farmer, wife and mother, I rarely take time to blog but I regularly find things to blog about, and those are quite often copywriting gone awry. The pile of coupons in front of me offers several examples of content gone awry. Yesterday’s trip to the grocery store–the one I do once a week to stock the kitchen–left me with four of those receipt coupon thingies…you know, the ones that print out with your receipt so that the cashier hands you a wad of paper instead of just one. At right is [...]

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Be Careful and Be Truthful, Says Creative Copywriter

Alvin kissing my cheek

See that marked up image there? That was an ad in a horse magazine that I cut out and scanned to make a point. Please excuse the sharpie all over it, but I didn’t want to embarrass anyone, so I crossed out the company and product names. (And that big swooshy thing is where I wrote “blog” in big messy letters to remind myself!) No, I don’t want to embarrass anyone. I, as the creative copywriter, want to get you, as the marketer, thinking, that’s all. This ad is full of promises as a supposed telling of two stories about [...]

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