Meet Your Highly Capable Freelance Copywriter

The driving force behind We Know Words is Sharon, an experienced freelance copywriter and content consultant. Sharon essentially “is” We Know Words on a daily basis, doing the bulk of the work and bringing in other top-notch freelance copywriters, scriptwriters and journalists as needed to meet client needs for particular kinds of specialty content.

Sharon Ernst freelance copywriterSharon Ernst, MA * Content Consultant

Sharon is a highly regarded freelance copywriter and content consultant. With 16 years’ experience, she has tackled projects in almost every area of marketing communications. She attributes both her success and expertise to a varied background and an insatiable desire to stay current with marketing trends.

Sharon has a degree in Anthropology, and a Master’s degree in art history. After graduate school, she founded, published and edited her own arts and antiques magazine, which required her to learn about marketing too. The magazine didn’t survive (Hey, it was an idealistic and naive adventure!), but Sharon learned she loved marketing. Combining her love for words with her newfound love for marketing, she became a copywriter and wrote her first website in 1997, then founded We Know Words in 2000.

Since then, Sharon has written everything from the content for a drink coaster to complex websites, from email copywriting to whitepapers, press releases to direct mail packages, packaging labels to newsletters, banner ads, brochures, and blogging. You name it, she’s worked on it. She even had to sample dozens of chocolates for one project, so she could write a catalog description for each one. (Life as a freelance copywriter can be hard!)

As the world has changed–and it has changed a lot in 16 years–so has the role of the freelance copywriter. Sharon strives to keep up with changes in marketing communications and technology, so she can better serve clients with a thorough understanding of areas such as responsive design, email, SEO, blogging and social media, and how they fit into the broader content mix.

This change has also brought about the need for a content consultant, and Sharon relishes that role as well, stepping in to help businesses to evaluate and improve existing marketing materials.

In her personal life, Sharon is the mother of two gifted and spirited children who are now all grown up. She loves horses and riding, Art with a capital A, Big Band music, very old houses, being Catholic, cooking homegrown food, life in a small town, living in an 1890 farmhouse and her chickens, pig, cats, dog and horses. She also loves her husband very, very much. And she looooooves working with words and helping businesses “make things better.”

If you have a project or a potential one, feel free to email Sharon any questions or to connect with her on LinkedIn…or just take the plunge and say, “Let’s get this party started!”