The Languages of Love. The Languages of Marketing. What’s the Difference?

I’m reading “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, and even though I’m barely past the introduction, my freelance copywriter brain is already going, “Oh! This applies to marketing too!”

I don’t have to know about the five love languages to get the concept: Speak in a way the other person will hear.

At We Know Words, our mantra is talk to your customers, not at them. Another favorite: Your words have to sell what people are buying.

That means you’re selling a good night’s sleep, not a mattress. You’re selling SEO, not  blogging software. You’re selling a mom’s peace of mind, not organic apples. And sometimes you’re selling a story, not a handcrafted cheese.

Kind of the same thing as the love languages, isn’t it? If we don’t speak in a language our audience understands–whether that audience is a target market or a lover–how can we expect to be heard? If we’re not talking about the problem in the way they view the problem, we might as well not be talking at all!

As I plug away at my “Marketing Is Like Dating” book, I’m drawn to any connection between marketing and dating, relationships and marriage.

Now I’m thinking maybe after I finish this book, I’ll write “The 5 Languages of Marketing.” After all, if your marketing is like dating, you’re wooing your customers…and talking their language.

It takes copywriting to a whole new level…

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