Proof That Strategic Content Marketing Gets You the SEO That Gets You Noticed

Experts have been saying for some time that people tend to disregard paid search results because they are much more trusting of the organic search results. Yesterday’s eMarketer article on search behavior tells us this is still true. I quote: “research indicates that most search users overlook search ads almost entirely.”

And you know what marketers overlook almost entirely? How easy it is to compete for organic search results.

Yesterday at MarketMix in Seattle, I moderated a panel on Content Marketing with two highly respected experts as my brainy and bold panelists: Chris Baggott of Compendium and Russell Sparkman of FusionSpark Media. If you were to attend that panel and read the eMarketer article, a lightbulb should go off in your head: content can be easy to create, it will be effective when used effectively, and it can be used to get you found in search engines…which is a better way to get found than by search ads…if you want to get noticed.

And you win searches by having more content to be found by the search engines. If it’s quality, relevant content, it’s going to have the kinds of long tail keywords people are searching on, so you won’t have to spend time plugging in keywords.

Using content marketing for SEO is not hard, it’s easy. Here are three examples of ways to do it that are easy, easy, easy:

1) Publish an email newsletter monthly, archive each issue on your website, and then summarize it in your blog and link to the archive. SEO benefit? More organic content to be crawled and indexed. You’ve gone from one email to two pieces of web content.

2) Write a whitepaper or tip sheet or something else relevant and useful to your audience. Summarize it online. Write an article about it in your email newsletter. And wash, rinse, repeat…or in other words, do the steps in number 1 above again.

3) Get your employees blogging. They will write about what they care about, and they will naturally use keywords relevant to the searcher.

Organic search is going to continue to be the preferred way to find results if you’re a consumer searching online. Content marketing can help you be there on those first search results pages.

And maybe you’ll save enough time and money doing your online content marketing that you’ll have time and money left over for paid search!

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