5 Ways to Drive Traffic With Great Website Content

5 Ways to Drive Traffic With Great Website Content

As a content writer, I absolutely love this blog post by AJ Kumar: “20 ways to get more website traffic this year (ethically!)” Why? Because so many of his 20 ways have to do with content! Five of them in fact, which I have summed up for you below.

When it comes to great website content and SEO results, you simply cannot ignore content. Again: You cannot ignore content. Content is what the search engines index and rank. Content is what people look for. Content is what people share, comment on and link to. Content. Content. Content.

Of the 20 tips offered, these five are all about content (although you could argue commenting on other posts and the social media related tips are content too…but as a freelance copywriter, these are the ones that jump out at me as being just about pure content):

1. Focus on great content creation.

6. Invest in your website’s blog.

8. Build a killer newsletter.

13. Write guest posts for top industry sites.

17. Add pillar content to your website.

And here’s an interesting fact: Not one of these is hard to do…at all. Does it require some effort on your part and maybe even an investment in a freelance content writer–or two? Yes. But it’s not hard, it’s easy, and great content does not lose its value. Great content is an investment that pays off slowly but surely (and sometimes immediately but surely!).

Plus the smart content marketing manager knows all five of those content-focused tips can feed off of each other, making the content an even better investment. The pillar content can be used as newsletter articles or summed up in blog posts. The guest posts written for other sites can be the basis for the pillar content. And so on. Really these are more like five interchangeable uses for content than they are five separate categories.

How’s your web content? Is it driving traffic to your site? Or is it too plain Jane to get any notice?

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